How can I regain access to our Facebook ads and profile/page management which was lost when we took over another page?
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We have an old-school Facebook account that meant that we needed to have a profile created in order to create a Business Page. 3 Years later and now we created a separate business page that was managing a different product. When we tried to tie our original account to the management of the new Facebook page and Facebook Ads (so we can manage both under the same username/password) we accidentally deleted our access to our original profile and page. Can’t find this scenario in Help on Facebook and now I cannot spend on Ads or manage our original page.

Ironically the apps I was using on the iPhone to manage the original account still work, but the recovery page says that the phone number is not linked to the account. What??? Stuck big time.

Any help you can provide to us would be most appreciated.

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  • ha14

    email facebook so that to not make another mistake and ease recovery if possible.

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