How can I recover my jailbroken iPhone 4 stuck at loading the screen?
Question by Jr D /
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My iPhone 4 was jailbroken. I put it to reset through the settings on the phone and now it’s stuck on the Circle, which I guess is loading the screen. Please help me!

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Answers (18)
  • elaine

    how can i recover my jailbreak i phone4 stuck at loading at black screen

  • Sesnsbs

    My phone has an update so when I try to restore it I have to do the update and I am getting an error message. So it won't restore or can I get this cydia off my phone...I think this is why I can't restore.....Please help!

  • Cheryl Safonov

    No way but to restore it into factory settings! Before that, connect it with your PC to backup all your data on it, or you will lose all your data there!

  • Regents

    step 1:- put the iphone into DFU mode, ie press the power button for 3 seconds, then without releasing the power button, press the home home button , now hold both the buttons for 10 seconds , then release the power button only but keep the home button pressed for 27-30 seconds,
    step 2:- run redsnow, be sure you download the latest version from the net,
    step 3:- go to extras, and select just boot,
    wait till the phone boots up....!!!
    that's it....!
    " have a nice time.....!!!!!"

  • hus801

    Plug the iPhone into your computer and open iTunes
    - While the iPhone is on, press and hold the front home button and the power button until it resets (about 10 seconds).
    - As soon as it resets, continue to HOLD the front HOME button, but let go of the power button.
    - Continue to hold the HOME button for 10 seconds
    - iTunes will detect the phone in DFU mode.
    - Choose to restore the iPhone to default settings and allow it to finish
    - Once that completes, it will be reset.

    • JJ


    • Natalie

      Hi if i used this method, once the iphone was reset would all trace of cydia be gone? also would i need the original sim to activate again?

  • Luda Yoda

    Yea you need to "reset" the phone with the home and sleep button. Then you should be able to run another jailbreak.

  • ryandigweed0

    Hold the hold and Power button for 10 Seconds, it will go off,and come back on. This should fix it. :)

  • Laga Mahesa

    You should never use the "Reset All Settings" option on a jailbroken iDevice; the result is this.

    Your only recourse is to restore the phone, I'm afraid.

    • Mark

      Hi there

      I am trying to find out the rest code for an iPhone 4S do you know it by any chance?

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Hold the Home and Sleep or Wake button for 10 seconds or wait for phone to reboot.It'll ask you to plug-in via USB to restore your phone.

    If you'd jailbroken using RedSnow then hold the power button for 3 seconds and home button for 10 seconds.It'll enter into DFU mode and will boot up your phone.

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