How can I recover my Facebook account if two of my friends have not received their recovery codes?

Ia Friman June 7, 2013
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I have gone through the recovery process with Facebook because I could not log in one day, even though I know it was the correct password. I tried to change the password, but my email connected to my account has been inactivated, so I can’t reach the email with the link to change the password.

Then I tried to use security codes, which has been sent to 3 of my nearest friends. The problem here is that only 1 of my friends received a code, still 2 codes are missing. What can I do now? They have checked several times, but they have not got any emails regarding this from Facebook so they can’t help me.

I have tried to restart the recovery process, but then it says that the process already is ongoing. Is there anything I can do from here?

Regards Ia

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