How can I recover data from an SD card corrupted by a virus?
Question by Deepak Bansal /
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I have a SDHC/SD memeory card used in my digital camera. It is corrupted due to some virus I think, now it shows only 32MB of memory. I want to recover data from it but when I put it in my computer it says “First format the disk.” Well, that will erase my data. What do I do?

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Answers (19)
  • Md Nur-Un-Nabi Tutul

    Deepak Bansal try Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive v3.0.1.5, Recuva recover or easeus data pro recovery or some other recovey software....

  • atul mahajan

    You can use Recuva to recover some of the data

  • Abba Jee

    is best in recovering data even if you format partition

  • khaki 211

    it may be happen that virus have changed the attributes of your file and folder to hidden. so, currently they are on the card but you can not see it. to recover this file you can use USB show which change the attributes to Normal and recovers the files and it is run without installation. you can download it at

  • Qin Tang

    Try the free recovery software Recuva.

  • Etech Etech

    You can try something like testdisk and see if anything can be recovered.

  • Alisa Fish

    I think you may need a Partition Recovery Software. This one may recover the missing data.

  • Gustavo Costa

    Follow these user's guides. Just use Linux or OS X and Linux or OS X will resurrect your SD card. If you want to recover the files before format the SD card, just use Recuva for Windows and use PhotoRec for Linux and OS X.

    I use OS X, my pen drive was died by a virus and I couldn't format, but when I switched to OS X and I was able to resurrect my pen drive, but for the worse, I lost the files because I didn't use PhotoRec before formatting.

  • Benjamin Trotter

    Sounds like your SD file table has been corrupted. Probably from improperly ejecting your card while files were being held in temporary memory. You always want to do an eject procedure (properly powering down) of your UBS or flash media before disconnecting it phystically.

    Only real way is to get some file recovery software or try using a Linux live cd to see if can still see the files.

  • Nikhil Chandak

    use recovery softwares such as Recuva , Panda Recovery , etc ....

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