How can I recover data from a PC that won’t boot?
Question by Shah Rishi /
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When I start my PC in safe mode and regular mode it shows me a blue screen error. I would like to recover some important data from my hard drive but I can’t get Windows to load. What can I do?

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Answers (29)
  • aelaos

    Download a live cd with Ubuntu OS , and boot with it . If the hard drive is ok you should be able to copy whatever you want to external Hard disk . I always keep a Live Cd in place for such tricky situations

  • Kernel Recovery Tools

    You need to attach your pc hard drive on any other pc. Make it secondary hard drive and check is your pc detecting your secondary hard drive or not. If it works you can take the backup of your data.

  • Saina Nehwal

    Detach your hard drive from your computer and connect it to some other computer using IDE, sata to usb connector, then the drive will be used as an external storage device and you can access your data directly.

  • Amit Sinha

    the another way is that just take out your hard disk and plug it into another computer which is working and you will be able to copy all your data

  • Igor Rizvi?

    put the hdd inside a friends pc, boot ,backup using some software.. simple as that

  • Fran Staniec

    I have had this problem in the past. Purchased a hard drive enclosure for the drive, connected to another computer via usb and was able to get any data from the drive that I wanted. This is assuming that the drive is not the issue. If the drive crashed then you may be able to retrieve data by sending it to a data recovery service, however that is expensive.

  • Michael

    You can remove the hard drive and put it in another computer as a second hard drive. Perhaps your computer can be fixed, Can you boot up in safe mode (F8 key).

  • Shri Krishna Maharjan

    try hiren's bootable cd from and recover ur files and data and keys and other stuffs.
    And format ur windows drive after u done.

  • Dany Bouffard

    Boot from a bootable USB or CD that have a live XP or ubuntu get the data you need and copy it to an external drive. As said by someone else on good tool to have is a disk with Hiren Boot CD. You can also try a fixmbr after recovering your data. also a sfv /scannow if windows let you at least boot in safe mode.

  • Bill_Bored

    To the OP: It would be nice if you RESPONDED, no? You have several excellent suggestions and many unanswered questions. :) Have you resolved your problem? If so, how?

    Jus' my .02 cents. :D

    • Dalsan

      I agree with you, and giving as much info as possible helps leaps and bounds over knowing that you are using Windows and Chrome. Could be as simple as the networking cable is bad or has a bad connection, all the way to the cable company is choking your access speed.

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