August McLaren

How can I recover access to an old Facebook account if I associated its email address with a new account?

23 Mar 2013
Chrome 25
23 Mar 2013 | Windows | Chrome 25

So I had this original, old, first real Facebook account associated with my Gmail address. I made a new account with a TEMP email and when it asked me to enter a valid email, I entered my Gmail address in the second temp account’s ”account settings” tab.

It asked me to claim the email as its already associated with another (my first) account. I pressed the button and it opened a new window. I was already logged in to my email and it made the email its own! So I can’t access my account, my real one, with that email because it logs me into the second!

So by the means of username I tried to recover my account, but it won’t display any options under ”How would you like to reset your password?” and if I click on ”no longer have access to these” it asks if I have forgotten the following email’s passwords and takes me to its recovery page (Gmail’s recovery page’).

I don’t know what to do!!! I have also reported, but no luck! Please help me!

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