How can I recover a deleted Facebook account?
Question by Poppaandnana Miller /
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I deleted my Facebook account accidentally, how can I get it back?

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Answers (17)
  • Vedavyas Paruchuri

    Try logging in with the same fb account when you logged in you can continue with that account or you should create a new account...

  • jawidalihazara

    i went to block my facebook

  • Yogesh Verma

    if you have deactivated your account you can just go and login
    when you delete a account it get permanently deleted if you dont login for 14 days
    after that there is no hope four your account

  • sathyamurthy

    The deleted facebook account is not physically delted. It temporarily blocks the access and visibility of your account to your friends. Next time when you login with the same credentials to Facebook with the account name and password, you will get back the account.

  • softwaredemons

    If you have deleted account permanently you can't recover that account, If you have deactivated that account you can activate it by logging in again.
    Read the guidelines here

  • Aniket Singh

    first of all u cannot delete any fb acnt...if u have deactivated it just log in it will be activated.....aur if it is block try un blocking using email

  • Douglas Mutay

    Accidentaly??? anyway if you did it in less than a week (or two, i think) it will be reactivated if you log in you fb account.

  • Nika Lee

    Just relogin with your account.

  • Boni Oloff

    I think there is no way to delete facebook account, you just need to relogin with your account.

    • Douglas Mutay

      Yes, you can delete your fb account if you follow the process for that and not logging in your account during the period of time required (I have checked and it's 2 weeks) After that period if you account is not accessed it will be completely deleted.

  • Nikhil Goswami

    If you've "deleted" the account (after filling up forms, etc..), in all probabilities, you cannot use it again (as per FB's help section).

    However, if you have "deactivated" it temporarily, this link could help you out:

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