How can I re-install and boot into Windows 8 after installing Linux Mint?

shaurya gupta March 2, 2013
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I had a dual boot system of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 8 was installed after Windows 7.

I wanted to install Mint and removed Windows 7. However, looking through forums, I came to know that I’d need to move the boot loader from Windows 7 to 8. I tried to do that using EasyBcd, but had no success. So I just installed Mint using a live USB. I installed it on the Windows 7 partition by simply deleting the partition during the Mint installation.

When I deleted the partition and further tried to install, it would give me a message that “dev/sda2 won’t be accessible if mounted, until the PC is restarted”. I pressed next, but the installer froze, although rest of the live Linux Mint was working perfectly. After trying for two or three times, I finally installed it.

And now on restarting the system, I had to accept the fact that I had done it all wrong because my Wndows 8 won’t boot, Mint booted automatically. Grub loader did not appear, too.

Now I tried to use gparted in the Mint operating system. I have not tried using gparted on live media. When I used gparted, it shows just one partition that has no name and is unallocated. This unallocated space was the space – “HDD space – minus – mint partition space”. It was not showing other partition including the Windows 8 partition. However, when I opened file manager, Windows 8 partition as well as other partition did show up and I was able to mount them and use any file. All the important files, I already uploaded them to Skydrive. I tried to install Windows 8 again using a bootable USB, but it said that hard drive was locked.

I don’t need any of the files present on my HDD. So, please MakeUseOf team as well as MakeUseOf readers, help me get out of this problem. Thanks a lot in advance because I know you guys will help me.

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