How can I prove an iPhone had been stolen?

November 22, 2013
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Wonder if you can help. My son had an iPhone 4S (phone 1) stolen in France, reported it to phone company, they supplied new phone (no 2) & new SIM. After 7 days it stopped working, rang phone company who sent courier to collect phone 2 and replace with phone 3. Four weeks later debited £480 from bank saying that we had returned phone 1 as faulty and thus we had phone 2 in our possession and we had been fraudulent. Many phone calls and emails now going to county court they “saying that they can prove that we had been fraudulent”. This has now been going on 9 months, we don’t believe our son has done anything wrong and the phone company says that their systems cannot be challenged!!! IMEI numbers have been read and that’s it!!! Can anybody give any advice what to ask phone company or how to challenge them it seems to be a David & Goliath situation….. thank you.

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