How can I obtain a Windows PC’s admin account?
Question by Cristián Torres-Gluck Balmaceda /
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My school computer is an HP, but I don’t have access to the control panel and etc because I am not an admin. This causes problems for me and I want to be able to lift those restrictions, but I don’t know how. Is there any way to log in to the admin account?

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Answers (21)
  • Muo TechGuy

    You know what, this is just cheating. In my day, you didn't just ask for help on hacking the school computers - you damn well figured it yourself.

    • Cristián Torres-Gluck Balmaceda

      Then places like MakeUseOf wouldn't exist if everyone figured things out themselves, am I wrong?

  • Shadab Samer Ahmad

    As you christian did not disclose Windows operating system but i assume that would be windows 7, as you are student but still you can do by resetting the rights of the administrator and again you can put the password

    here is the link:

  • Switchblade Rebirth

    May I ask what OS are you using?

  • Gianna Marie Lanete

    In our school too, there's a password protected in each computer.
    Hack the system dude. >:D

  • Ron Lister

    Ask the person who is tasked to maintain your schools computer to help you acomplish what ever it is you are trying to do. Unless they deem it is not something the school would allow i'm sure they will help. I suggest you use your own computer for personal stuf and use the school computers for what they were intended for.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Ask the Admin to create a admin account for you.. That is the way to get around this problem..

  • Anonymous

    There is no legal way other that asking your school IT staff to give you administrator account.
    Although some soft wares like admin hacker can do that for you (Admin hacker will enable you login to administrator without entering password or even changing the administrator password.
    But i suggest you do not use this software as it is illegal and you may be violating your school rule. just shared this for information purpose.

  • Junil Maharjan

    Unless your admin gives you their password, you can't access it. Accessing it might be against the school policies and might get you into trouble if you access without the official admin's permission.

  • Charles Yost

    Usually there is no way around this. The IT department of the school sets up the computers so that non admin users (students) can't download anything and mess the computer up. At least this is what has happened at two of the colleges that I have worked at. I can't even make changes to the computer I use at work since they upgraded to Windows 7. Adobe Reader will just have to wait to be updated.

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