How can I mark articles as favorites within MakeUseOf?
Question by Sri Vastav Reddy /
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I have been visiting MakeUseOf website from couple of months and noticed that I can’t Favorite or bookmark an article within the website. I believe people would love to add this new feature to your website and it might help you understand what people would love the most! And like to add a word “is it possible”?
Looking forward for your reply.
Make Use Of It :)

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Answers (10)
  • Tony Gonzaga

    That's a great idea! For the moment you can bookmark the page.

  • Terafall

    I can't wait for that feature but for now you can bookmark it or save it with Pocket

  • Muo TechGuy

    It's already on the to-do list, thanks for re-affirming the need.

  • Nikhil Chandak

    I think u can bookmark the page ....
    but what an amazing idea !!

  • Boni Oloff

    That would be a great idea. Everybody would love it.

  • Falah Ahmad

    Simply Bookmark the page for later references or save it for offline availability.

  • Dave Rimmer

    This sounds like a great idea set it in motion MUO.

  • Tina

    Great minds think alike! :)

    I have seen such features on other websites and have thus suggested it to our web developer. What I envisioned was a way for readers to collect and possibly organize their favorite articles by topics on their MakeUseOf profiles. Ideally, they would also be able to share their collections with other readers.

    Is this similar to what you were thinking of?

    This takes a lot of custom coding, so no promises as to whether and when such a feature will be available.

    • Sri Vastav Reddy

      yes, that's what i thought.:)

    • Douglas Mutay

      Can't wait to see these great feature available on MUO. they will definitely enhance our experience in this awesome website!

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