How can I make a specific link in WordPress post do-follow?
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I have been attending a number of guest articles on my website and there are some of them whom I want to give a do-follow link while no-follow to others. Can someone help me how to make specific links do-follow, while leave the rest as no-follow? I’m using Yoast SEO Plugin just in case you want to know. My website is:

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  • Anonymous

    thanks for your help guys. But i tried adding rel=”dofollow”. when i update the post and go to page source i find again nofollow in the page source. Maybe its the SEO plugin that i’m using. But i hv set that to follow as well… still i get nofollow in the page source. I guess i hv to go with the plugin Omur is suggesting.

  • Deekshith Allamaneni

    Sorry, MUO translated my above HTML example.
    before just after href=”” giving a space. Hope you got it.

  • Christopher Webb

    Or you could edit the html directly and add a rel=dofollow as part of the href tag.

  • Ömur Balsever

    The best solution is to use the WP Nofollow Post plugin for WordPress.
    This plugin will add a nofollow tag to all links on a post or page or both. The settings page, however, lets you exclude certain URLs from getting the nofollow tag. There is also an option to opt out a post or page from getting the nofollow tag by using custom fields.



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