How can I install OS X Mountain Lion onto MacBook Pro from USB using a PC?

Julie C July 22, 2013
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I’m stuck in a bit of trouble. I recently managed to boot a Dell laptop from a USB and install Windows 7 by changing the boot order of the computer etc.

I now have a MacBook Pro, with no operating system installed, so I am stuck at the OS X utilities menu.

I was wondering if I could download OS X Mountian Lion on my PC, mount it onto some kind of fake disk on my hard drive, copy the files onto a USB and then plug the USB into the Mac and boot the Mac using the USB to install OS X, like I did with the PC. I have never before used a Mac and to me it’s like trying to read another language.

Also, I’ve heard of the Iatkos project and Hackintosh. Can you install these operating systems on Macs or are they just ‘lookalikes’ for PC?

All help appreciated


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