How can I install Nvidia display drivers on Fedora 17?
Question by Shashwat Singh Parihar /
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I am having trouble in installing Nvidia graphics ( in Fedora.

I have saved Nvidia drivers to /tmp folder and used the command su /tmp/ as root user. It displays information like you must have ‘ld’ installed.

What should I do because I am new (tested today) to Linux environment.

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Answers (5)
  • Shashwat Singh Parihar

    Is there any offline solution as i have downloaded the installer (.run) and only want to install it...
    by the way have tried the command it only says:
    "yum is used by another program , waiting for it ...."
    and it starts a loop changing the value of memory used by yum application...
    any solution....!

    • Shashwat Singh Parihar

      I think nouvou graphics driver works only with intel HD chipsets not with nvidia "chipsets" (integrated graphics) {model nvidia GeForce 8200 M G}
      . And i dont have intel graphics or switchable dual graphics.
      Now i need full solution becoz any of linux destro is not compatible with my graphics except MAC.....
      I have tried these:
      Ubuntu 11.10 (freeze.. command line opens)
      Ubuntu 12.04 (freeze)
      Ubuntu 12.10(freeze)
      Lubuntu 12.04(freeze)
      Fedora 17 (it works but not configuring my display setting to exact display)
      fedora 18 beta (freeze)
      Linux mint desktop latest version and oldest too (freeze)
      And finally puppy linux and damn small linux (damn it also freezes)

      Configuration Of my laptop
      Name: HCL
      Model: series 39
      Windows 7 32-bit (on 1 partition)
      pentium dual core 2.0 GHz
      installed memory : 1 GB
      Available 894 MB
      Adapter TYpe: nvidia Ge force 8200 M G
      Available memory of display adapter: 128 MB
      Resolution : 1280 * 800

      I need a genuine solution...

  • ha14

    Installing NVIDIA graphics drivers on Fedora 18 Beta
    scroll down to vk4tux comment

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