How can I install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8?
Question by Dhaval Kaneriya /

I recently installed Windows 8. Microsoft Security Essentials is not working in Windows 8. What can i do to install it correctly?

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Answers (19)
  • Chris Hoffman

    Press the Windows key, type Windows Defender, and press Enter. Windows Defender will open — you’ll see that it looks exactly the same as MSE. That’s because Microsoft bundled MSE in Windows 8, naming it Windows Defender.

    Basically, MSE comes preinstalled with all Windows 8 systems. It’s just been renamed.

  • Ahmed Musani

    Microsoft has integrated defender in windows 8 so i suggest stick to that if you are satisfied

  • Junil Maharjan

    Microsoft bundled it with Windows Defender. It is great.

  • luis donis

    windows 8 and brings the same integrated antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials no need to urge

  • Duy Nguyen Minh

    You reinstall OS and download MSE install again.

  • Jim Chambers

    Another case of Microsoft confusing users by renaming upgraded MSE with that used previously in XP and 7 for a crummy anti-malware app.

  • Jim Dawkins

    This is not necessary. win8 includes an updated Windows Defender. this is an updated version of MSE.

  • Âdil Farôôq

    U dont have to install it its built in with windows 8 in windows defender

  • James Maciel

    Microsoft security essentials is built into windows 8 but it got renamed to Windows defender so there is no reason to install it.

  • Rahul Chauhan

    windows 8 comes inbuilt with microsoft Security Essentials only its name has been changed to windows defender so u dont need to install mse.

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