How can I hide data on an external hard drive?
Question by Vivek Nath R /
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Any way to hide data on an external hard disk when it is connect to another system?

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Answers (11)
  • xbalesx

    Only one tru solution here and that is Truecrypt. It is one of the best, if not the best "hiding" tool.


    Hello, are the file/files you trying to hide really big? You could also try using steganography, where you hide data in pictures. The following are some stego software you could use:



  • Laga Mahesa

    Oron already mentioned this, but it needs to be restated as a warning. If the data is important/sensitive, do NOT rely on attribute changers. Simply checking a box in folder options nullifies that method.

    On every install of Windows I've ever had, I have immediately set Explorer to "Show all files". Force of habit, I don't like knowing there are hidden files scattered around that I'm unaware of.

  • Alan Wade

    Open a Command Prompt Window by clicking Start->Run->cmd

    Navigate to the location where your folder(the one you want to hide) is.

    To hide your folder, type:

    attrib +h +s foldername

    To Un-hide your folder, type:

    attrib -h -s foldername

    You will not see or be able to search for the folder even if you have Show Hidden Files checked.

  • Mohammad Hamzani Salleh

    here try this software..

    what u need to do is check at radio button at system n hidden then the file or folder will be hidden at all computer since the folder option always enable hide system file n operating system file. to geain acces back if u use win xp just go my computer - view - folder option - view tab - uncheck at hide protected operating system files[recomended] - show hidden files and folder - apply - okay. same in all win just find folder option n follow the resr

  • Laga Mahesa

    A good and highly secure option is to use the free utility TrueCrypt (, which allows you to create a 'fake', encrypted hard drive within your hard drive. It provides a number of ways for you to do this, from hiding a partition to creating a 'soft' hard drive in the form of a large, randomly named file, hidden somewhere in a random folder.

    Just don't forget the password. :p

  • Oron

    Here are two possible approaches:
    1. Mark the folder as hidden using Windows' own "hidden" attribute. This will only work if the PC is configured NOT to show hidden files...
    2. Use a folder hiding program such as "Free Hide Folder" from

    • Laga Mahesa

      #2 wouldn't work on another system, surely?

    • Oron

      Erm, you're right! My bad.
      However, there are portable equivalents such as WinMend and Folder Lock 7. Security is provided by encrypting the folder with a password.

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