How can I get music I bought from the Amazon Cloud onto my iPod Touch?

26 Jun 2012
Chrome 19
26 Jun 2012 | Windows | Chrome 19

I just bought 12 songs and can’t find them in my computer files. In an effort to recover them and somehow manage them, I downloaded the mp3 player, the cloud thingy and still no music. I can’t find no .aez file or whatever it was, and I can’t move the music from the cloud to my iTunes. They are stuck in “cloud” and they might as well be in hell.

Personally, I do not want all my music going into the Amazon cloud. It’s none of their business what I got in my music since most of it didn’t come from them anyway. I want all my music on my trusty iPod Touch. So what’s my question? Who the hell knows now. It’s the end of the world!

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