How can I get a decent wired broadband connection in rural India?

Hank Ashkenazi April 4, 2013
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I am looking for a Wired Broadband Connection.

The speed must be at least 4 Mb/s and UNLIMITED [80GB or more at max. speed ] After exceeding the Data Limit of 80GB or more, there must be NO additional charges…but the speed may be reduced, I don’t care.

Now, the problem is…I live in a rural area, i.e. a village. There are lots of tall trees in my neighbourhood. And…my residence is situated in a valley, literally. Imagine the letter U, my house is located right at the bottom. So, the network coverage is pretty bad. The only networks that I get reasonable coverage are Vodafone. All other networks may support voice calls, but wireless Internet cannot be accessed with max. speed. That is why I have opted out of 3G Wireless Connections. Even if I subscribe to 3G connections, I will be getting only 2G speed because they don’t have the required infrastructure.

So, anyway, I was thinking BSNL, because it provides Internet through your Landline. So there is no Network Coverage issue as with other ISPs.

But Airtel has much better Plans and I think the cost is fairly cheap (at least cheaper than BSNL). The problem is will I be fucked… because I have poor Network Coverage.

For example, If I subscribe to 2Mb/s, without proper Network Coverage, I won’t be able to yield the max benefit from my connection.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS…….I am a YouTube junkie, I wanna stream videos…at least 360p quality….[4Mb/s connection] and I download loads. So a Data Limit of less than 80GB translates to “I’m fucked”. Also, I can’t have the ISP charging extra for me violating their Fair Usage Policy…. but they may cut my speeds, that’s alright. I used Networx to monitor my usage…..and a 100GB per month will DEFINITELY make me happy…but 80GB is fine.

Please Help Me.

MakeUseOf, You Da Man!

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