How can I format my Kingstone G3 datatraveler pendrive in Linux or Windows?

vineed g May 27, 2013
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I have this Kingstone G3 datatraveler flash drive. Recently, while making a bootable flash drive for Linux, it went into some kind of problem.

Now when I open it in Windows 7 or Windows XP I can’t format it. For some reason it shows used space 0 bytes and free space 0 bytes in properties. I tried format command in Windows 7, but that was of no use.

When I opened it on Linux (Ubuntu 13.04) the flash drive opens, shows files inside, but when I tried to delete files it shows filesystem read only. I tried chmod command on files, tried deleting it in super user mode, but no use :(

On Linux it shows file system:msdos, while on Windows 7 it shows fat32.

I have tried HP USB disk storage format tool, but that was also useless.

Pleas guys help me with this! :(

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