How can I format a write protected USB thumb drive without switch in Windows Vista?

Brandon Ragoo February 11, 2013
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Whenever insert my thumb drive into my USB hub and try to format it, I get an error message stating that it is write protected.

Today was the first day I ever encountered this error using a thumb drive and I tried Google the issue, but was unsuccessful in finding any appropriate solution as it didn’t have any websites providing any article on troubleshooting this problem. All it had was forums with other people who encountered this problem and the response seemed to be no benefit to me or the person who asked the question.

Several people said there may be a switch on the USB thumb drive, but my thumb drive doesn’t have any switch. Please reply and give me a solution to my problem asap. Oh and I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit Service Pack 2 the flash drive is an 8GB NextGear.

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