How can I fix my Windows PC with a corrupt Prefetch folder?

Ethan Xavier Alexander Allen December 14, 2012
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Each and every time I turn on my computer, I get this error about the “C/Windows/Prefetch” folder being corrupt. I’ve gone from website to website to get help on how to fix this error. Everybody says I need to delete what’s inside that folder. I can delete the vast majority of everything in that folder with the exception of about 6 files. I get this error saying they’re corrupt and can’t be deleted.

I have tried EVERYTHING I was told to do…

1. Logging in through Safe Mode to delete it…same error.

2. Going through Safe Mode and ran the Check Disk utility…..same error

3. Use CCleaner in Safe Mode to delete…same error (CCleaner TELLS ME it can’t delete those files)

4. Going through command prompt…same error

I have no idea how to fix this, because I can’t delete those freaking files.

Can you PLEASE help me with this? Because resetting my computer is an absolute last resort that I do NOT wanna end up doing.

Thanx in advance.

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