How can I fix my Samsung Galaxy Tab stuck on the logo during boot?
Question by Jessica Goh /
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I am using a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1. I was using it fine yesterday night.

However when I came home today, I was reminded to update the tablet software. I select update and they say that the device will be reboot. However during the auto reboot, it was stuck on the logo page. And no matter what kind of method I try, it just stop at the logo page. I’m currently oversea and I don’t want

To do a hard reset as all my information will be gone. Can someone help me please.

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Answers (9)
  • Bobbi Bach-Oachs

    Take your memory card out and hold the volume button and the power button don't put memory card back in until it is up and running.

  • ha14

    1. Switch off the phone (you may have to remove the battery).

    2. Press and hold down Volume UP + Home + Power on (add one and one button) Hold until you get a menu.

    3. Go down to "Wipe Data/factory reset" (navigation via volume up or down). Confirm with Home button.

    4. You are now in a menu with alternatives. Choose "Yes -- delete all user data". Confirm with Home button.

    5. You are now back in the recovery menu. Go to "wipe cache partition" select with Home button. If your phone does not have this option skip this step.

    6. Choose "reboot system now" to restart

  • Qin Tang

    Well, you'd better to use a data recovery like power data recovery to recover your files from the Samsung Galaxy tab, then make a backup.

  • Jesse Manalansan

    Try turning off the device or probably reinstall firmware using the computer?

  • Badrul Lasker

    Why don't you try removing the battery..and start again, it might just still be in the previous form.

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