How can I fix my MicroSD card which shows my data but won’t let me access it?

Annita January 10, 2013
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I have an 8GB MicroSD card that I have used for my Android smartphone, I was recharging my phone and turn on my phone it started mounting my SD card but somehow it didn’t finish and continued booting until a long buzz happened. I was in fear that my data would be lost and pulled it out.

When I put it back into my phone, it would not mount the SD card anymore so I tried to read it with my computer using a card reader. The removable disk drive is shown and I clicked on it and I can see all my data (files) still there but when I click one of the files it won’t be open. When I go back to the folder view all my data has gone, it’s blank. I tried to put it back to drive several times and shown at 1st but when clicked the files it turns blank again.

I’ve tried to fix with “chkdsk [sd card drive letter] /r ” but it wont work. I also have tried to use SD card recovery tools but many require payment.

Can I get my MicroSD fixed? Will it be recoverable? I would prefer to not format it because I need my data urgently. Can someone please help?

Thanks a lot.

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