How can I fix my 8GB micro SD card that was read as 2 GB and is not recognized anymore?

Kandi G June 24, 2013
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I have an 8GB micro SD card that keeps reading as a 2GB.

I recently inserted it into my Windows XP mini to download some pictures onto it and it started to act buggy. I shut down the computer, but popped it out before it shut down completely. I didn’t completely wait for the safely remove to pop up. Now it won’t show anything, not even that it is an 8 GB card.

I am utterly confused. I keep trying to find data on the card (videos, pics, music), but nothing is coming up! Even put it back into my phone and my Google apps that are saved to the card aren’t coming up.

What do I do? Is there some way to fix it? Will formatting help? Please help!

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