How can I fix Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook and recover lost emails?

penny reed February 22, 2013
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Is there any way to get my Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook able to be accessed and used as my email program again? I think I stuffed up the settings and now get asked for Exchange sever info and name.

This has been going on for quite a while. I’ve tried doing a OneKey restore on Lenovo laptop; I’ve tried reinstalling files etc. from my Norton backup, I’ve even tried re-installing Office 2010 complete.

All other Office programs work, only Outlook doesn’t. It asks for Exchange sever name and user name. I have a feeling this is where I went wrong at some time while trying to fix it. I did receive a test email from Microsoft team on 15th Feb, so must have had it right at some time.

I have lost most of my emails, files folders from before Jan 5. I volunteer with a charity M.E/CFS from which I suffer. It is mostly their emails I’ve lost. It is the Charity’s Laptop. I feel as guilty as I can be and have wept buckets and exhausted myself.

Optus, one of my email accounts, can’t help, neither can Norton, and to their credit Norton did try. I’m a novice and because of my illness find it hard to understand instructions that are not simple. I really don’t want to reinstall Office again, but I do have an Office 2007 disc here, not sure of how many licenses left on it Please help!

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