How can I fix infinite bookmarks in Google Chrome?

Bruce Genari April 11, 2013
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I bookmarked a website in Google Chrome. When I clicked to see more bookmarks and go to that page, Chrome lagged and the whole thing froze. I waited a minute and I saw loads of the same bookmarked pages.

I tried to un-bookmark it. Without thinking, I went on the page and clicked the yellow star. Then I remembered and went to the bookmark manager.

It has been like that for a few weeks. I’ve tried CTRL+A and all the stuff like that. It won’t delete! Then I tried uninstalling Chrome two times. Today it just re-synced my bookmarks, even after un-cheking the box that said to sync it.

Getting real tired of Google Chrome’s sh*t. It’s lagging the browser, I can’t even watch videos in 360p sometimes. Please help!

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