How can I fix an Acer laptop which doesn’t turn on when the power button is pressed?

Erlis Dhima March 14, 2013
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Last night I left my laptop on stand by and went to sleep… When I woke up in the morning, the laptop was turned on, but the screen was black! The fan was rotating with a high speed, the computer was on, but the screen was black… So, I turned off the computer by keeping pressed for some seconds the power button.

After it switched off, I tried to turn it on again, but nothing was working! I kept pressing some times, but it was like the computer was dead! I found a way on some youtube videos by pressing the power button for about 30 seconds, but that didn’t work! When I plug in, the battery gets charged, but the laptop won’t turn on. I have an Acer Aspire 7720G! I noticed that when I pressed the power button, like a type of little noise came out near the power button, like it blips for a bit of a second every single time I press the power button.

I need your suggestion for this! Could it be that it has some motherboard problem? Could it be that the problem is with the power button? Or it could be anything else… So, I’m waiting for your suggestions!

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