How can I find out who owns a Facebook page?
Question by Arbham Sisodiya /
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There is no information available on Facebook page, how can I find it?

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Answers (9)
  • Âdil Farôôq

    If the admin has shown it in featured you can but otherwise you cant...

  • Kathy Davis

    Its quite simple you can find their website at the bottom..In website find contact us which is quite easy..

  • Richard Maboloc

    Ask them directly, :)

  • Roomy Naqvy

    I don't think you can find out who owns that page. You can do a facebook search but it isn't likely to give you correct information.

  • pp potana

    No way. It has be provided by them.

  • SoftwareDemons

    No way

  • Douglas Mutay

    There is not a straight way because pages are meant to belong to companies or organisations. There is not an particular person who can own it because there is only page administrator behind what we see and it can be anyone and even the person who opened the page can be removed by another admin. So, to give a firm answer: NO you can't find who own a page.

  • Hunbuhbhuygb Ygygbgybygb

    You can contact them,but as what paul said,they might not reply.i dont think there is any other method.if you hack,you are on your own

  • Paul Girardin

    You can ask the owner(s) of the page to identify (him/herself or themselves) but they do not have to.

    Companies will normally leave information linking to their websites but individuals have the right to remain private!

    If you want to find out because their use of it is illegal (for whatever reasons), you will have to notify the administrators of Facebook but that's about it!

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