How can I find out who hacked my Hotmail account?

12 Jun 2012
Chrome 19
12 Jun 2012 | Windows | Chrome 19

Somebody hacked into my hotmail account and did…nothing?! Really creepy that’s the problem. They got on to my hotmail and then went to a Twitter account (which is not actually linked to the Hotmail) and requested a password change, also requested a password change on a blog I use (expat-blog) .

The thing is, they did not click on the email for a ‘password change’ and then deleted the request emails from both.

I used Hotmail to recover the emails, so I know they were sent. But it was liked they hacked in and tried to cover there tracks.

Anyway because the accounts weren’t linked it makes sense it is someone that know me.. so how do I track them down? Even if it just the IP.

Any ideas?

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