How can I find out who hacked my Hotmail account?
Question by TomKayWebDesign /
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Somebody hacked into my hotmail account and did…nothing?! Really creepy that’s the problem. They got on to my hotmail and then went to a Twitter account (which is not actually linked to the Hotmail) and requested a password change, also requested a password change on a blog I use (expat-blog) .

The thing is, they did not click on the email for a ‘password change’ and then deleted the request emails from both.

I used Hotmail to recover the emails, so I know they were sent. But it was liked they hacked in and tried to cover there tracks.

Anyway because the accounts weren’t linked it makes sense it is someone that know me.. so how do I track them down? Even if it just the IP.

Any ideas?

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Answers (26)
  • computergeek88

    Hey Gang

    After reading alot of your comments of this page I feel I must update you on two things in dealing with hacking of email accounts and other person accounts on other webpages. As your all well aware this is a common occurance, but one thing alot of people overlook. It is very easy to request password changes these days if someone knows your email............seriously thats all they need. My point here is that sometimes people, who have similar names and addresses, might mistaken your account for there own and accessed it by themselves. I had this happen recently on my Microsoft account, and I felt bad when I ended up having a Cyber Warefare unit arrest a teenage girl who had accessed my account(don't worry, they let her go though I paid the charge). You might have had someone access your account randomly, thinking it was there, then they freaked when they realise it wasn't.

    Secondly, in regards to IP addresses. There are plenty of IP tracking programs out there; free and paid. They all, however, inform the IP user your tracking them, like a package in the mail with a confirmation number. When you get an IP address it will lead you to a device, thats all. Get it's name, and serial number(which is usually in the properties tab) and track the owner. Thats a much safer, and legal, way of doing it. Then you just track the owner, production company, origion of manufacture, and somewhere down the paper trail you will find the person who got in.

    • david

      All I need to know please from someone who has successfully obtained ip logs from hotmail is for how long they keep records ? I heard 60 days. But others say much longer. Does anyone actually know the answer here ? Really most grateful indeed for all genuine information.

    • Tina Sieber

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and advice!

  • hughe stephenson

    i can not get in to my hotmail account , they keep saying that someone else may be using my hotmail

    • susendeep dutta

      Try to clear browser cache and cookies and access Hotmail after that to see any improvements.

  • jairo beltran

    what could happend, please help me fixin my problem, i already have one week without my hot mail service.

  • jishan

    how to recover 10 manth ago delete gmail mail its very importent for me please help me thank you so mucth

    • susendeep dutta

      Once deleted,all the data and the account is no longer available.

  • Karen

    My account has been hacked & blocked today. (Possibly last night, but I attempted to login this morning.) My password is complex with a mix of uppercase/lowercase/numbers/symbols. I use a Mac, so apparently harder to hack. I've verified the account successfully, email code sent to my mobi from hotmail. Also verified it online with their questions check. Successful. Changed my password. Cleared my browser history, cache, cookies. Still can't log in. Still going directly to blocked account screen!?! HELP! please.

  • john

    Be careful of hotmail apps! Mine was hacked recently, it
    must have aquired my password.

  • ANON

    In Hotmail open that mail you wanna track then you will see a little arrow next to the replay option on the same tab as the sender right below the date of the actual E-mail.
    Click that arrow and choose "view message source" think a script page will open with an IP from where the e-mail was sent then goto google and search for an IP Tracker and trace them. Good luck and use a crazy long ass password next time and keep changing it every few months if your paranoid hehe :P

  • Jessica

    Okay so someone hacked my hotmail. i really need to know who it is. i tried " i think someones using my hotmail" but they changed the email for it . all i know is the first 2 letters of the email and what email it it possible to find out who it is from that?

  • Abdelmoniem Ahmed Salim

    Dear official, I have already sent a complain concerning probable abuse of my E-mail account in the Hotmail.They sent me a reply and everything went fine since my address in the mail opening promptly.Suddenly, I Found a message informing me my account was blocked.I have been shocked due to imminent interview with the BBC and other data seems to be difficult to retrieve again.I am proud of my mailing history through several years in the Hotmail.I am preparing a legal steps to convert the matter to keep my rights.

  • Armando Alarid de la Torre

    Sorry you can't see who hacked you but let me give you an advise, change your password use symbols, letters etc. and check your computer for viruses, maybe your computer is infected with a key logger

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