How can I download music to my iPod Shuffle?
Question by Taylor /

How can I download music to my iPod Shuffle? Please help!

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Answers (11)
  • jaelyn

    got a ipod for my b-day and i dont know how to
    downlaod music on it

  • Alexx

    well you can install iTunes and listen to streaming music on your iPod. or just use your pc. i simply use this audials tunebite soft to download music from the internet, convert it and transfer it to my mp3 player. it works pretty good and I guess that for your iPod you'd have to convert it to either aac or mp3? I am not sure which format works best, I suppose aac. anywho, it has all these formats as well. so yeah instead of downloading music directly on your iPad, you download it on your pc and then transfer it ( hope this helps :)

  • Chris Clarkson

    Use a computer...

  • Teri

    How do I download music onto my ipod shuffle?? And how do I delete music from my ipod shuffle

  • matthew mcgonagle

    how do i download music on ipod shuffle

  • DalSan Mack

    Media Monkey media player and J. River Media player also works to transfer music and videos to Apple products like the iPod. Many do not like the bogged down and slow working iTunes to transfer music and such, but iTunes will allow you to download purchased music from the iTunes store.

  • GamerJunkdotNet


  • David Sanchez

    Here is a video tutorial about how to download music onto your iPod shuffle:
    Although this is the most straightforward solution to populate your iPod, at times, it still gets some shortcomings, for instance, if you need to sync iPod with several computers, you have to make a choice of syncing with only one iTunes library (I get a desktop at home and two laptops for work, and the music collections are not the same at all). Some third party program may help on this event, and you can google for some guides:

  • Windowsisbettr

    There is no way to download music onto an iPod shuffle- install iTunes on your computer,
    And then connect the iPod end of the USB cable that came with the shuffle into the shuffle and the USB end of the cable into the computer. Windows should automatically detect the device and open iTunes.
    Then, on the left hand side, go to the iTunes store and create an account (you must have a credit card) or transfer music on your computer to your iPod.

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