How can I delete files on DVD ROM disk?
Question by Shegzy4 P /

I transferred some files into a 4 GB disk I bought. After restarting, I checked the disk and couldn’t find what I transferred, so I decided to format it. It did format but the space  of what I wrote the first time was not reclaimed. How can I permanently delete files on this disk?

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Answers (6)
  • Shegzy4 P

    i dont want to put it on my usb drive i want to copy window 7 i downloaded into a disc, i have 4gb disc and after transferring the files, i find it hidden so i deleted/formatted the disc but the disc still shows that my files are still there but hidden. i cant view the files i copied

    • Oron J

      Let me say it again. Once you write data to a DVD-R or +R disc, regardless of whether the files are visible on that disc or not, you cannot erase it.

  • Alan W

    If you need to delete or lose the files permanetly, snap the disk in half and then follow Oron’s instructions.

  • ???????? ?

    Seems Like You Copied Some files to your dvd drive, simply open my computer open that drive and delete whatever you want.

  • Hovsep A

    check if Isobuster can do what you want
    you have trial version

  • Oron J

    It sounds like you are using a DVD-R or DVD+R disk, which are the most common type. These DVDs can only be written to once (the writing process changes the surface). Although you can “format” the disk, this only creates a new partition which appears as a drive in the remaining blank area, and you cannot claim back what you have already written.
    Rewriteable disks do exist, and they are of the DVD-RW and DVD+RW types, as well as DVD-RAM (which uses a different technology altogether). With these discs, you can erase the disc, overwrite files and basically use them like a USB flash drive or any other ordinary media. The downsides are poor compatibility with different drives & systems (particularly for DVD-RAM), and significantly slower read and write speeds.
    I don’t know why you are using a DVD, but if it’s only as a way of moving files about, or making a quick backup, I’d strongly recommend using a USB flash drive instead. Prices have fallen to the point that, unless you throw them out after every use, they are affordable, and they are much more straightforward to use.