How can I connect my hard drive to my TV to watch a movie?
Question by Kiro Frost /

I have a Seagate hard drive (500GB). I am trying to watch a movie on my Panasonic from my hard drive, but the USB can not connect to the TV. Can someone tell me what cord I need to connect it?

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Answers (10)
  • Abhishek Ambre

    U cant just connect anything that is usb to your tv and expect it to work. The usb hubs on your tv are meant for pen drives or in other words flash memory, a hard disk is a different kind of memory altogether so the algorithms to read data from your hard drives are different and that are not present in your tv……simple

  • Anonymous

    Can not say some thing about panasonic. But our toshiba TV can play support videos if they are not inside folder (It is inside flash, not a sub directory of flash) from any USB 2.0 device.
    You can also try that. put a video in your flash not a sub directory and you may be able to play it.

  • Muo TechGuy

    Do know if your TV even supports USB drive access? It’s a relatively new feature. Perhaps posting your TV model would help so we can look it up. If it does support USB, then obviously a USB cord can be used. The drive will need to be formatted as FAT32 (~ generally true if you used Windows), and the file formats will need to be readable by the TV (~ sometimes only standard .AVI files are supported).

    You’re better off connecting a computer to the TV instead, and just using it an an external monitor for viewing movies.

  • ha14

    perhaps because it does not work with Big hard drives and works with for smaller size like USB keys 16GB?

  • Junil Maharjan

    some tvs do not connect to USB drives if they are on NTFS system. if it is on FAT and is still not connecting then it might be a partition issue which happened to my 8 GB pendrive once.

  • Aska Nag

    If the hard disk drive is a 3.5″ then there must be a USB cord double, to supply power to the drive. But make sure once again that the TV supports connection of the hard disk via USB.
    Best regards!

  • Wouter Ruelens

    Does your TV support watching movies from USB? Otherwise you will probably have to buy a mediaplayer.

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