Sebastian S

How can I bypass the Windows 8 login screen?

07 Sep 2013
Windows 8
Chrome 29
07 Sep 2013 | Windows 8 | Chrome 29


My mother just got a new laptop with windows 8. For the most part, I have warmed to it and enjoy it. Security is not an issue as the laptop is always in one of two rooms and never taken out the house. Also, my mum is absolutely useless with tech but has to use it. She easily gets confused with passwords and such.

I would like to bypass the login screen, so that when it comes out of sleep or is turned on the metro desktop appears instantly without having to type in a password.

I have already researched this up and found the supposed remedy. I have unticked the box that says “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” in the User Accounts settings, by typing netplwiz on the metro desktop and also by typing useraccount2 or something like that in command prompt just in case accessing it different ways would some how give a different result but it didn’t. Both times when I tried and restarted the computer (or turned it off and wait a few seconds for the same effect) it comes up with the login screen requiring the password. I have also tried switching it from using a Microsoft account to a local one but that did not work either.

If anybody has any tips I would greatly appreciate it,

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