How can I ‘bookmark’ directories in Windows?

Joseph Videtto June 29, 2013
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What Windows tool will let me store locations of directories with the ease and level of detail that hyperlink locations are stored in a web browser?

For some reason, when I have to find files and directories on my Windows machine (which has four 2TB drives and a LOT of data and directories) – it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, even though there is a very logical organization to my directory/subdirectory names. There’s just a lot of them.

Come to think of it – the same is true for my hyperlinks. I guess it’s partially me lol. I still tend to bookmark lots of places without organizing them into folders in real-time upon discovery. Just a bad habit of disorganization I guess.

But – if I were to organize my hyperlinks, I’m very happy with the tools that Chrome and Mozilla offer – both the built-in Bookmarks organizers and of course the many choices of add-ins.

However – I am unaware of such user-friendly well designed tools for storing local computer locations across my hard drives. I’ve tried adding bookmarks in Windows Explorer – but I find it very cumbersome.

Can anyone recommend the tools they’re happy with for storing local computer directory and file locations ?

Thanks in advance.

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