How can I best create my own personal music streaming service with my Linux server?
Question by ndsmyter /

I’m looking for the best framework/application/service I can install on my Linux server so I can stream music from my server to my mobile devices and PC. Something like Spotify or Deezer, but with my own personal server and music collection.

I want something I can access from lots of different devices, for streaming music. A website would be nice, but it would be even better if it had some native applications for Android, Windows (8) and Linux. That way I could use the media buttons on these devices (otherwise I would have to open the site and go to the next track).

Next to playing/streaming music, it would be nice to have some options to manage your music collection (editing title, artists, rating, updating album art…).

I am a rather advanced user. I am looking for a free solution, and if possible provide some links too.
What are your recommendations?

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