How can I hide Facebook wall posts that were previously visible to networks or friends of friends?
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I’m new to Facebook and when I started posting on my wall, I originally had wall posts by me visible to “Friends of Friends” and/or “Network”. Now I have made my wall so that only my Friends can see my wall posts. However, the previous wall posts STILL indicate that they are viewable by “Friends of Friends”/”Network”. I thought that if I made my wall visible only to Friends, it would affect previous posts as well. Is this true? If not, what can I do?

I cannot preview my profile to check if the content is still visible to “Friends of Friends”/”Network” but the privacy link on the individual posts when I hover over the “padlock” says they are STILL visible.

Please help me understand this because the Facebook help section seems to imply that the only way I can restrict access to my previous posts is by deleting the original and reposting them! That seems so silly–the posts will make no sense if I repost them!

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Answers (35)
  • how can i hide all my posts from certain people not my friends?

    please help me block my posts from certain people on facbook not my friends?

  • dede

    hello.... how can i block friends of a friends to see my pictures ...(notice: my pictures is on custom setting so only my friends can see it ) but when  my friends comments on my pictures ...i dont want their friends to see it .... so basically i only wants my friends to see my phone and not my friend's friends ....because it ll pop up on my friends profile when they comments on my photos plz give instruction on how to do it

  • Ruru8321


  • Gun3

    It doesnt answer my question but nice reply , my friends wall she said she posted something but i dont see it all i see is her recent activity ( answer question please ASAP!  )

    • Jay.0

      Not exactly sure about your situation,
      but when you see only recent activities on visiting a profile, it means, the status , photos etc are hidden from you because of her privacy settings.

  • Ewa Agnieszka Bartczak

    This doesn't work for me. All my old posts are now visible to all networks and I hate it!

    • Jay.0

       I am not sure how does it apply to networks, but friends only should be visible to friends only if you applied the settings of past posts privacy.

  • Victroia

    i'm looking for something else, but i can tell you about this question - all you do is go to you privacy setting on your profile and on below there is the 
    Limit the Audience for Past Posts

  • Triciahammen

    I blocked some friends from seeing my profile, but can they still see my post on news feed?

    • Jay

      No, they can't see your status, photos etc or updates about those posts on news feed/ticker if you chose not to show.

      As your friends' news feed will show them only things which they are allowed to see.

      (The problem discussed here was for public updates/activities only, which you can't hide from being displayed on news feeds of friends.)

    • Katminnie

      If I hide a friend so that I no longer see their updates on my wall, do they still see my updates on their wall?
      Thank you.

    • Tina

      Yes, unless you block them or share your updates only with groups that this friend is not a member of.

  • Betty Yeh

    With the recently new facebook changes, I have decided to take advantage of keeping my status update private from certain people I am friends with. I have made 2 lists for my current friends on facebook. 1 list is "not ok to share", the other list is "ok to share". I've changed the privacy settings so now whenever I post a status update, only people from list 2 can see. However, my past status updates before this setting change are still visible to all my friends. In order to exclude list 1 from seeing my past status updates, I have to go to each status update and change it to "ok to share". Here's my question, is there a menu setting I can go to make *all* my past status updates change to "ok to share" setting?

    • Jay

      go to privacy settings :

      click Manage Past Post Visibility
      Limit the Audience for Past Posts

      Now click on limit old post.


    • Clinteastwood999

      This only makes old posts visible to only friends. She's asking how you limit all those old posts to one specific group or in my case I want to know how you hide all your old posts from one specific person without having to click on every status update for the last year and hide it from that person. Help please!?

    • Jay

      For both of you @28c01d2e7d8c344ca12ea441176aca51:disqus  and @twitter-66249622:disqus ,

      Just add those persons to "Restricted list"
      That's all you need to do, after applying the setting in the image I attached.

      When you will set past post to to "friends only ", the privacy of post will be:
      "friends only, except restricted" this is by default, and each of your post which is not public is hidden from this list by default.
      you don't need to maintain a list for hiding things anymore.
      Fb has created "Restricted" list for that purpose only.

    • Betty Yeh

      thanks Jay. even with the restricted list though, my wall still shows recent activities like what I've written on people's walls, etc (see image). How do I completely make it blank so people on my restricted list and the public will see absolutely nothing?

    • Jay

      hover cursor to the right side of the activites of like , comments, amd wall posts
      Click on the x
      U wil see two options
      Hide this and
      Hide all.
      Then they will no longer appear,
      You r removing them bcoz they r public , and cant b invisible,
      Right now, i d0nt have pc.
      I wil check ur images, and wil post links or images of similar question later if u need more help.

    • Betty Yeh

      there's no option as "hide all" anymore. if I wanna get rid of them, I'd have to click on the "X" for each one.

    • Jay

      i wil check it in some hours,
      I m in a movie right n0w.

    • Jay

      first go to your profile and then remove a recent activity.  (not on the view as page in your image)
      read my comment here in detail, and also the image attached.and when you will click hide all , new activity will not appear, i a not sure about the past activity.there will be like three or four toye of activity, so you will have to do it for 3-4 times.
      hide commenthide befriending
      hide posting
      they woll still appear in the news feed, which is for limited time, and you cant do anything about it.
      but the activity on profile is permanent , and you have the option to remove them.  they will be no longer appear on  your profile. and you will not have to remove the action every time you do something public.

    • Jesusfreak

      So people on your restricted list cant read your posts?

    • Jay.0

      Yes, they can only see what is open to public.
      posts with "Friends only" settings will not be visible to them.

  • Jay

    typing mistake - correction :

    and ask him/her to visit YOUR profile, then u will be sure abt this...

    as he/she will be able to tell u abt the visibility of the wall.

  • Jay

    Yes exactly...the entire wall will not be visible to them...they will see "info" only but not "wall" above "info"

    you have seen this b4 ! Frnds of frnds will also get the same view of ur profile like anybody else...both will be same cases..because u have set ur privacy settings to "fnds only"

    I have tested this this thing senond time yesterday, the first time i did it when i had the same question :)

    You can also test it with ur frnd !
    just remove a frnd 4m ur list who has mutual frnds with you...
    and ask him/her to visit her profile, and then u will be sure abt this...

    hope now it's clear to u...

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