How can I hide my Facebook page album?
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I’m just creating a page and on this page I would like to share all the photos to someone that liked my page. However, I found that a lot of people like and share my photos without clicking like. Can I edit something to hide my album and only share to someone that likes my page?

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Answers (4)
  • kriZt

    I have a page and would like to create a private group so members can talk freely and privately...there is no group button on my page...any ideas???

  • Eduardo

    I have the same question, anyone know how to do that??

    • Jay

      If you want to hide albums of your fan page, then it is not possible, you can limit it to a country or a language. that's the only option to hide your updates.

      read the comment above for more details.

  • Jay

    If you want to make a fan page and hide your pics, then  NO.
    you can not stop them from doing so, This is how a fan page works,
    If you don't like this, don't go for a fan page.

    Instead create a closed group, so only those who joins it, will be able to see the pics or any content.

    You can run both, a fan page and group, and ask your page members to join the group.

    So if you want to update something public, put it on the fan page, and if you want to share something only for members, put it on the closed group.
    And also a note on the page that reads Group updated / new photos added in the group exclusively for group members.

    And, if someone shares a photo that you shared recently, doesn't always mean that he/she shared it from your page, even they can find it from the web like you did,
    unless, it is your personal picture or an image that you created or edited by yourself.

    If they are sharing directly from your page, they are promoting your page, they are sharing your page with their friends, so you will reach to more people.

    and it will help the talking about metrics on your page, it will increase if people share your content., and the sharing will also be mentioned on your page below the number of person like your page.

    but, this is bad for you if they copy pics and upload to their profiles.
    create a closed group then to avoid this situation.

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