How can I hide my email address on Facebook?
Question by shakir shaikh /
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I want to hide my email address on Facebook. I want it so that no one can see my email id . What do I have to do to make this happen? Please give me steps to follow.

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Answers (6)
  • hamzawarind

    how can hide the id

  • Hamza0323

    hamzawarind say how can hide our id

  • Billybob

    That’s what should happen, but it’s not working for me. WTF? It even says it’s set for “Only Me”.

    • Jay

      Go to profile, click on “view as”
      select any friend
      go to info.
      check whether the mail id is visible.

      How can you say that your email id is still visible ?

      I think you are testing it by going to your info, and see that your mail
      id is still there,
      it is supposed to be like that only, only you can see
      this, not anyone else.


      Ask a friend to view your profile, and check if he can see your mail id.

      You have set it to “only me”, your problem is solved…!

      did you receive any mail from any facebook friend ?

      if someone know your mail id before you hide it, then you cant do anything about it.

  • Jay

    profile >> edit profile >> contact information
    you will see your email will see an icon click it
    select only me from the drop down menu.
    save changes.
    thats it.

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