Why do I sometimes hear ads through my laptop or netbook?

Maxi3w November 5, 2012
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I turned on my Netbook this morning and through its speakers I hear audible adverts. It happened about a month ago on my Laptop, too. All I hear is adverts, nothing else, then it stops.

Where I live we have a communal Digital Ariel, plus I have recently had new neighbours moved in next door. (I’m getting a little paranoid that my Broadband is being used by others around me).

Both Laptop & Netbook are connected to a wireless router. They are not connected up to my TV (unless I do it manually). I do have SKY on my TV and is my Broadband supplier. SKY is set up via the communal Digital Dish I mentioned

Has anyone got any ideas why this is happening and if so what can I do?

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