What can I do when someone is hacking my email?
Question by rumaiz /
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Frequently someone is sending a email from my account to all my contacts without my knowledge and it disappears from my email sent items. Why is this happening? The email only contains this link to a pharmacy website. What can i do to prevent this and how?

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Answers (20)
  • Becky102

    My boyfriend’s yahoo account is being hacked & someone is using his yahoo messenger to contact me.  His laptop computer is not with him & someone is using his account to contact people he has contacted.
    I want this person in a mental institution for the rest of their lives now!
    I wish all hackers were dead!
    I want all hackers dead before the end of 2012!

    • micheal Davies

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  • sakariya viren

    If u are gmail user than Use to verify coding system used by your mobile,and see that will not happen again

  • Monicaamescua

    Same thing has just happend to me today. I dont know how to fix it and it won’t let me change my password and won’t even let me login with my password. What is a cardDELA? Password?

  • Poop

    Maybe you should mind your own god damn business and just answer the god damn computer question.

    • Tina

      Maybe you should swear less and be more helpful.

    • Maestro20010

      1) the question was addressed via the thread to Tina thus opened the door to her response.  2) People need to stop hijacking threads and create their own new ones.  3) speaking of minding one’s own business…

    • Tina

      Thanks Maestro.

  • MAC

    Will adding Norton anti spyware program keep my boyfriend from hacking into my computer after he already has gained access to my e-mail and Facebook accounts?

    • Tina


      I think you should post a new questions.

      Meanwhile, change your passwords, make them difficult, don’t remain logged into your accounts when you leave the computer. On your computer, create your own user account, to which your boyfriend does not have access. Although, if you share the computer and he is the administrator, that is going to be difficult. If you don’t share the computer and it’s yours, change the password of the administrator and create a non-admin account for your boyfriend to use. Otherwise get your own computer.

      But maybe you JUST need to talk to your boyfriend and find out why he doesn’t trust you and cannot respect your privacy. What are you doing to make him so suspicious? What’s going wrong in your relationship?

  • Kidsofkaos

    The same thing is happening to my parents along with several of my friends. My parents use MSN for thier email. my friends have yahoo. how we found out about it is i was recieving email from my moms email address and when i opened it all it had in there was a linlk to a website. after clicking on that link the address would change to a online pharmacey from canada. We have tried everything to get rid of it my mom finally deleated her whole addres book (contacts) so it wouldnt send to certain people in her contacts who wouldnt appriciate the selling of some items in that website.
    thank you for the information.

  • ænon1mus

    How did you come to know about it?

  • gkdoda


    First scan your computer for keylogger, spyware etc. by using software like ad-aware.
    After that, log on to your email account, and change password, security question & answer, your date of birth and alternate email ID. In your browser, clean your cache files & temporary files.
    You may be victim of hacking via keylogger or getting password from cache.
    Hope it will help you.

  • Jack Cola

    1. Change Your Password
    2. If using a desktop client (Outlook), scan your computer for viruses etc
    3. You may be involved in a phishing attack. Meaning someone is using your email address to send emails – it is very easy to do. To check this is happening, check the full email headers to see what computer the email is coming from.
    4. You may want to try this http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/are-you-sure-your-email-isnt-being-hacked/ which Tina also mentioned.
    5 . How do you know people are sending emails from your email address? Have your contacts said something or are you getting them yourself?

  • Tina


    is this an online eMail account? Please specify which software or online service are you using?

    Once you suspect your account is being hacked, you should quickly change your passwords. This may be sufficient to stop the hacker from using your account again, at least temporarily.

    What you describe, however, sounds more like you’re dealing with malware. Did you scan your computer for viruses, trojans, worms, and adware? For advice on which security tools to use, check out the answers to the following questions:

    Apart from that, if you want to find out when your eMail account was hacked, these articles may be helpful:

    • Stephanie

      Same thing happened to me so I am going to reply. I use web based email, @att.net powered by yahoo. Was using Windows Live Mail, to read it, and also on my iPhone.  My mother recently sent me an email asking how I was making all this extra money and where was it going…..after I stopped laughing I said to send it to me. She forwarded an email FROM ME, that said exactly that……..click here to find out more….was a link. No one has clicked it, but because she forwarded it to me, I was able to see where all it was going to. I didnt have any addresses saved into my contacts because its my laptop, my desktop is dismantled after a move and just havent set it up yet.  I just never transferred my contacts to my laptop.  So upon reading who it was being sent to, it was  just email addresses that I have been communicating with recently over a car purchase………several dealers and different dealerships.  This email was sent to them and a few family members.  HOWEVER, none of them were in address books. online or in WLM……….Now I uninstalled WLM, and scanned my computer, came up with nothing.  I started using IE to check my email (hate it by the way) and got another but it was from Maeler Daemon, saying it was unable to deliver it.  I had once I started using webmail version, added my contacts to the folder so now those few that are there, got this email.  I am assuming that my email was hacked, so I changed my password again.  I dont really want to change my email address as I use it for everything.  Is there any other options or solutions for me to try??? Thank you .

    • Tina


      please follow the advice outlined in response to the original question.

      If none of this stops the email spam originating from your account, it’s also possible that your list of contacts were stolen and that your email address is now spoofed, meaning the sender makes it look as if the email came from you. To my knowledge, there is not much you can do against it. Sorry!

    • Noura

      Hey Tina, I was wondering if you might be able to help me. My hotmail account has been hacked. I can’t reset my password, and windows live support isn’t helping either.
      Do you know a number, or a website where I can speak to some1 from windows live?
      The thing is I know who hacked it, I dont know how he done it. But I can’t reset my password, my secret answer won’t work, and the account I would normaly have a temporary password to is the guy who hacked it.
      I even no around what time he would’ve hacked it, he’s an ex of mine I no longer have contact with. Crazy I know! But I’m desperate! I used the account I’m trying to recover to set up my facebook account, and so all my msgs and notifications receive on my facebook get directed to that account I can no longer access. Please Tina if there is anything you think I can do I would appreciate it so much!!!

    • Tina


      I’m afraid I don’t know of any other way than what you described to recover a Hotmail account. However, I will forward your question to our contributors and maybe one of them can help you.

      What you can do immediately though, is change notification settings on Facebook. Either turn them off or change your email address on Facebook. At least then he won’t receive all that information. Log into Facebook and go to your account settings (click little arrow in top right when logged in).

      For more exposure and potentially more helpful answers to your question, I recommend posting a new question here: http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/ask

    • Susendeep Dutta

      If you can read the inbox messages of hotmail then you can try the steps mentioned in the link below (reporting hacked account) –




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