What can I do if someone tries to hack my Google Plus account?
Question by aAnAvI GuPtA /
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Someone tries hacking my Google Plus account. Google prevented this from happening, but I am very scared that someone may hack my account. I changed my password, but still…
Please help.

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Answers (12)
  • Vampie C.

    I think that a strong password and 2 step verification will give a good protection.

  • Brian Mok

    1) Report it to Google. 2) Change your password. 3) Separate your email accounts so that when one may be hacked, you can recover it with the other, or something like that. 4) Turn on two-step verification.

  • Gravity Dead

    make a alpha-numerical password, replace alphabets with numbers and vice-versa
    and to top them all, your security answer
    if your security question is "where was mother born"
    then for god sake, do not use the REAL answer
    believe me I've changed my friends password just because they had such easy, so called "security answers"

    n yeah of course 2 step verification is also a good choice...

  • Jonas Brock-Hanash

    As said, Google 2-step verification is working very well. Creating a strong password is important too.
    Use some great security software, as well as just be smart. Be able to recognize possible scams.
    If that's done you are pretty secure...

  • Gabriel Barron

    The best place to start is by changing your password then adding two step verification. Also you could look into making your password more secure.


  • Aniket Singh

    first you should change ur password and use some other sign in ue password like
    ! @ $ for words matching with it,& 2 step verification is another option
    visit this for information:-http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=180744

  • Lisa Santika Onggrid

    First, stop logging in from public computer. You never know where a keylogger might reside. If you really should, after making sure the computer is clean, use portable browser launched from your USB, in private browsing mode.

    Second, change your Google password, as well as other services that used the same password. Don't use straightforward security question (i.e "What is your pet's name?"' s answer is actually your first computer's name, etc).

    Third, refrain telling your world about your private informations. Coupled with strong password, this at least prevent social engineering.

    Fourth, enable two-step verification. Then you check your computer to ensure it's clean from spyware, keylogger, or any potentially harmful beings.

    Fifth, the most important, stick with the security rules. It's no use if after two weeks past and the fear has gone, you do things that would risk your account.

  • Henree Arriola de Garcia

    change password.
    add 2 step verification.

  • ayush padia

    if your account is secured then only you can recover it
    but there is another option for recovering like having a hacking software

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