Which is the best graphics card for gaming, multimedia, 3D rendering and video editing?
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Which is the better graphics card, for gaming, multimedia, 3D rendering and video editing? ATI or NVidia?

I recently bought a HP Probook 4321s and it comes with a 1 GB ATI Radion Premium Graphics card. I haven’t yet installed any intensive (like World of Warcraft, Crysis) games, nor have I done a lot of graphics or movie making on it yet, but I will have to do so in the course of time.

Will it be as good as the Nvidia graphics cards?

Also, I have once read on the web that ATI graphics (GPU) cards have more incompatibility or other issues with Linux. I have used Ubuntu on my desktop PC, and I will install Ubuntu 11.04 when it comes out this month. I am not sure if the ATI card will work very well with the Linux OS. Currently I am running Win 7 Pro and it’s been working well.

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