How do I get back my Facebook Timeline profile?
Question by Pema Dorji /

I had Timeline before. I used Timeline Remover to remove it, but I want my Timeline profile back now.

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Answers (38)
  • Naomi

    i want to get back my timeline!..Thanks!!!

  • mukesh

    go to stettings and select tools select extentions then remove social reviver and other unwated extentions its simple now k:)

  • Noel Duncan

    I have a facebook profile with a picture of me and a timeline and my friends now i have another facebook without my profile timeline and friends and i cannot understand why and i want it back.

  • Mary Bono

    I had videos and comments on my timeline that all of a sudden are gone! How do I get them back?

  • Shaelyn Smith

    Go to Facebook. In the upper right corner you see a drop down arrow . Click on it. AT the bottom of the thing it should say enable/disable timeline . :) I hope this helps :)

  • Kenneth R. Kidd

    aI had timeline, got a msg.that I could remove it, got a msg.that this was a scam.Looked in McAlfee Security it said it was a scam, how do I get my timeline back and what do I need to do to protect myself. I have changed my security password.

    • Vonnie

      If your using google chrome go to the little spanner at the top right hand side of your page click on it pick tools then pick extensions you will find it the just diable it or delete it…

  • michael de lion raymundo

    i had a timeline problem, i can’t see my wall posh,how can i do…

  • michael de lion raymundo

    how can i get back my old posh to my face book and to remove the timeline

  • Hana.Alshain

    You have changed my personal account to page. Therefore I decided to deactivate my account. If you could return my account as usual i will change my mind as I would keep in touch with my friend. Please I had Timeline before I used Timeline Remover to remove it, but I want my Timeline profile back now.

  • lana

    waaait…i want to know how you removed it! tell me please!!!

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