How can I use Google Voice to make calls on my cell phone?
Question by robert /

On Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Intercept running Android 2.1 can’t seem to get Google Voice to work for making calls. Virgin doesn’t allow it to be used as voicemail replacement either.

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Answers (4)
  • oh

    when i dial my Google voice number from my mobile phone (Sprint/Blackberry), it connects me to my google voice messaging service as if I was a stranger and asks me to leave a message. There is no option to press 2 or hear billing or anything….just leave to leave a message. Am I doing something wrong? I am trying to find a way to use my mobile phone to dial out using Google voice.

  • Ryan Dube

    The ideal setup is definitely to install the Google Voice app, but if it won’t work on Samsung, you still have the ability to make calls through a variety of means.

    1. Use your Internet access (if you have a data plan) to visit the Google voice mobile site and click on “quick call” at the bottom. Or just click on the “call” button in any of the messages to call that number.

    2. Call your Google Voice number and then press “2” and type the number you want to call.

    I would assume if you can’t install the Google voice app on your phone, #2 would probably be your best option.

    Good luck – hope you get it working!

    • Tina


      did you try to follow Ryan’s suggestions and did they work for you?

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