How can I make Google searches in English per default from a foreign country?

ska October 13, 2010
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I live in Spain and am mostly English-speaking. I do speak Spanish but I’m used to computers in English and especially prefer the internet that way.

When I go to I get the highly irritating redirect to, as with many other websites, but Google is the one I go more often to, of course.

Since I prefer to get search results from English-language pages, after the search I go to “search options” at the upper right corner and change it to English. However on the next search I’ll have to repeat the procedure.

So my question is:
Is there any way that I can permanently set the search for a language, in my case English?

P.S. I did somehow come across the fact that adding the letters: “&hl=en” to a Google search repeats the search with language settings in English. However, that is post-search as well.

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