How can I use the Google Play store without a data plan?

Melissa L September 14, 2012
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I don’t have any data plan, and I want to be able to download free apps, and update apps using my wi-fi like I can with my ipod touch. I know Apple is different then Android, but was Andriod really that cruel to make apps so restricted to only data use??

I try to click on the google play store app that came on my phone when I got it, and it just keeps telling me I need background data. It says Enable or Quit, and I’m too nervous to press Enable in case it turns on data.
Help please?

I have an HTC Wildfire.

Also if I download a free app will it be totally free like with Apple, or is there some sort of downloading charge they’ll catch me for? Cause I was messing around on my phone last night, and it said if I downloaded this certain app (which said it was free) there’s a downloading charge. What do they mean by that?

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