How can I make Google Chrome open links in a new maximized window?
Question by David Albee /
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How do I get Chrome to open new windows maximized when I do right-click and open link in new window? Note: I’m not talking about when you open the browser itself, so the answer is not to change the properties of a shortcut to Chrome.

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Answers (15)
  • cathy

    when i try to open a link its says its says your course has opened in a new window, how do i find this. i have tried ctrl/shift ctr./n also open in new tabs nothing works

  • Darin

    I found a solution that works. Using the shortcut on your desktop (Win 7) right click>properties. I changed my target line to this:
    C:UsersAdminAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe -start-maximized

    Adding the start maximixed startup switch to the end of the target line makes a difference. I also clicked on the Run: dropdown menu and selected maximized.

    Now the key to this working is to then place this shortcut on your taskbar (or wherever you usually launch Chrome from) and it will work!

    • Tina

      Thanks for sharing this solution, Darin!

    • Tina

      Hey Darin,

      sadly you didn't provide a valid eMail address when you posted this comment. Hence you are not going to be a Runner Up in this week's Best Answer of the Week contest. You missed the chance of winning some cash!

    • DarinG

      I did provide my email address. ???

    • Tina


      unfortunately, the eMail you provided bounced. Maybe this was a temporary problem, but the chance has passed. Feel free to enter the contest again by answering questions. Good luck!

  • Larry

    I use Autosizer to open the programs I want maximized. Chrome is one of them. I still would like a way to get clicked links to open a new window.

  • Locused Games

    Take a look at "Master Chrome's Startup Switches" on . It works!

  • Fred

    Hi guys,

    For those interrested, I found another way to solve the problem (on my system at least, Windows Vista, but probably works for any, as it doesn't seem related to it), that is have the new chrome window opened maximised, with ctrl+n and even with right-clic "open in a new window" function, without having to code anything in shortcuts or else ...

    Here's the trick :

    When you close your "last" open chrome window, it remembers the position and the status (maximised or not). So close all windows except one, make sur that one is maximised, then close it too ...

    Next time you open chrome, the window will be maximised (except if you modified the shortcut to do something else), AND any new window opend even with right-clic on a link and "open in new window" will ALSO be maximised !!

    Gee, finally a straightful easy solution ... works on my system anyways.



    PS : Of course, if one day your new window doesn't open maximised anymore, you probably inadvertenly closed once the last chrome window in a windowed mode, not maximised ... and it remembered it too. Easy to re-fix now.

  • Taty

    Yeap, not an automated option, but if it does help, you can maximize a window just by double clicking on a blank area on the tab strip, on top of the browser window.

  • Gary6016

    Hold SHIFT and click the link will open it in a new window but not maximised.

    • Albeepd

      Thanks; aware of that trick but getting tired of doing that (or double-clicking on the title bar) on every new window; BTW, sorry for not including this in my original question: my install of Chrome in Vista at home won't do what I want, but my install of Chrome on XP at work does!

  • Anonymous

    It is not possible at this point without using a secondary program. You might want to recommend it on the Chrome forums.

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