Why does Google Chrome not load any pages in Windows 7?
Question by MUSTAFA /

Recently, I thought of giving Google Chrome a try. I downloaded the latest version and installed (version 6.0.), but to my surprise it does not load any pages, it keeps saying the pages are loading which they do not at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the problem persists. My other browsers just work fine. I’m using Windows 7. Please help, thank you.

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Answers (10)
  • Tina


    were you ever able to fix Chrome in Windows 7? Please update us in case you found out what the problem was!

    • mustafa

      No solution yet in site , but I what I found out was Its not just me ,there are many who have reported similar problem with chrome in win 7.

  • Belinda

    what exactly is supposed to be the advantage of using google chrome? it sort of installed itself on my new laptop and i am not sure if the occasional problems i get are comig from this. is it supposed to work with explorer and wndows 7

  • Aibek

    Hey Mustafa,

    Did you check the firewall settings as recommended by M.S.Smith?


      Hi Aibek,
      I checked the firewall settings as recommended by M.S.Smith, I even installed the latest version
      Google Chrome 7.0.536.2 Beta, which Navibd suggested but none of them work .

    • Aibek

      hmmmm, weird.

  • Navibd

    install the latest version
    Google Chrome 7.0.536.2 Beta

  • uttaradhaka

    Are you on the stable channel of Google Chrome or the beta channel?

  • M.S. Smith

    Do you have a firewall installed? It is possible that a firewall is interfering. If you do have one installed (either by itself or as part of an Internet Security Suite) I suggest going into its options and making sure that Google Chrome is listed as an authorized program.

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