Why does Google Chrome need so much disk space?
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OK, I realize that disk space is not an issue most people bother to think about, but what in Google Chrome 10 makes it require ten times the disk space of other browsers?

Google Chrome 10 – 345.82MB (almost as much as Open Office!)
Firefox 3.6 – 30.82MB
Opera 11 – 27.54 (including mail)

PARTIAL ANSWER: installing a new version does not remove the previous version. Manually removing old version and installer reduces size (in Windows, under users>app data>local) to 89MB, so it’s not quite as much a hog.

But still, why three times as large as FF or Opera?

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Answers (5)
  • Qwerty

    Did you look into your %appdata% folder?
    Google Chrome uses up to 1GB!!!
    What the heck is this??
    (Can this be removed to another folder/drive at least?)

    .. means one lvl back

  • Doug


  • Mike

    The core components of Chrome are about half of the size. What really makes Chrome big are the additional files for compatibility and features.

    For example you can find Microsoft DirectX 9 libraries within the installation folder which are probably added to prevent missing or incompatible local versions.

    There are tons of files added for those purposes - I made a Screenshot of what is pretty much a stripped down Chrome version (42MB), functional for browsing.


    • Mike

      ChromeApplicationFirst Run

      total size: 35,8MB


    Hello, another partial answer is the fact that Chrome stores the History inside the Chrome Folder. This History folder stores all the history of the browsing you have done when using the Browser unless you set Chrome to delete your history, cache, etc, when closing.

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