What is a good software to compare rare music and give me recommendations for similar music?

Ivan September 15, 2011
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I am currently using Muffin player. I was wondering if there is a better player available, or a recommendation site that will recommend similar music to the ones I like. (Like Muffin Player does)

My major problem is I have a lot of music, but do not know who the artist/composer is, such as music from Heroes of Might and Magic 4, that I got directly off my Game CD.

Also have a lot of unique French/folk music that no site/ player that I have found so far have even heard of. I have tried Jango.com, last.fm to mention but a few.

I am even Willing to upload my .mp3’s to a site for recommendations. As I currently believe peoples opinions will be a lot more effective than dogy unperfected analysis technology.

Any Help Greatly Appreciated


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